The Giralda

It is composed by a central prism of square base, surrounded by the four external walls. Between both structures are located the ramps of rise, which in the case of this tower and its large size, even allowed access to horse.

The Giralda, the former minaret of the pre-existing mosque, is the tower and Bell Tower or steeple of the Cathedral. It is not only important for its history, but it is also a monument of a remarkable architecture. Its square base located 7.12 meters above the sea level, has 13,61 meters wide, while its height is 104,06 meters. It was built in the image of the minaret of the mosque of Koutoubia in Marrakech (Morocco), although the top floor and the steeple with lantern which get past European Renaissance style.

It has the interior structure of the Almohads and the exterior decoration that will continue to be used for centuries in most of the Mudejar bell towers. It is composed of a square-base central prism, surrounded by the four external walls. Between the two structures are the ramps of ascent, which in the case of this tower and by its large size, allowed even the access to horse. The exterior decoration is based on mullioned, with Alfiz, mixtilíneos clippings and horseshoe arches, lobed and angrelados. In the side cloths there are blind arches in which various designs of "Kaft Wa’daraj" are started. The body of bells and those who mount on it constitute a prodigious structure and the best of the bell towers of the European Renaissance. It is crowned by a large rotating bronze statue, it works as a vane that by its revolving character receives, since the beginning of the seventeenth century, the name of Giralda, supplanting its original denomination of "Victrix fidei colosum", to become the current "Giraldillo" because its popular name extended to the complete tower.

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